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equivalent exchange


Makoto Tachibana → requested by yamazakisoussuke


We’ve Been Together for a Long Time

Author: Narwhalphonse

Rating: T

Length: Collection of One-Shots (30)

Word Count: 27,344

Categories: Collection of One-shots, One-shot

Summary: An unrelated series of Royai oneshots.

This is a really lovely and well varied collection. I love that it contains everything from the fluffiest fluff (Plans) to some seriously sad stuff (Equivalent Exchange) to stories that you think are fluff until the last second and then you find yourself crying (To Hear You Sing). 

Every chapter is very well written and none are too long, making it a great choice if you want something quality but not time consuming. Its easy to just read a few chapters at once, but I have a feeling that once you start you won’t want to stop. An all-around great fic. 

narwhalphonse replied to your post“narwhalphonse replied to your post“narwhalphonse replied to your…”
maybe if we all complain about not being on there we all get reviews ??! ?
narwhalphonse replied to your post“narwhalphonse replied to your post“what’s the greatest royai au of all…”
Slightly offended none of my fics are on it tho
i tHinK tHey sAW whaT yOu saID??? 

What's the greatest royai au of all time?

haha someone already asked me but HERE IT IS its so perfect like never had i read anything that was so cute that it literally made me cry