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Happy Ending

Author: maxride08

Rating: T

Length: Multi-chapter (3), ongoing

Word Count: 5,048

Warnings: None

Categories: Multi-chapter, ongoing

Summary: ”Not everyone gets a happy ending.” His mind was a mess. He couldn’t stop it. The despair, the overwhelming guilt,…

Lan Fan // FMAB Ep 61

fma meme: [4/8] friendships and/or otps

↳ Roy & Edward

The boys hanging out but everyone sees them dating so…


god there’s so much pain there, and i dont think its just the bloodloss or the intense heat in the room

look at her eyes. those are eyes that have seen hell and unwillingly dragged herself back out of it; the only thing that kept her moving forward was the fact that she told herself that “someone else needs me.” it was never a “I need to find myself” or “I need to find happiness,” it was because she focused herself on being selfless for the last few crippingly years.

and to see this, to see her worst fears come true? i cant imagine what her dad was like or how he treated her, but thats a face of shock and horror. 

Maybe its because of Mustang’s reaction to her being there. Maybe its because she realizes what she really just walked in to. 

But I think its because she’s whitnessing her worst fear - someone is falling prey to the alchemy. She’s watching the person she holds most dear fall apart, and its not something she can physically protect him from.

If there is any moment where a character really, really falls apart at the seams, I think it could be this.  

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its not beautiful

i always find myself saying roy and riza mustang

they are married and no one can tell me otherwise